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Spécial Fenêtres
for windows & doors

Spécial Fenêtres, Wood Preservative
Paint for Doors and Windows

Spécial Fenêtres is a chemical free wood preservative paint of linseed oil, nut oil and resin for true woods for
interior and exterior usage.
Spécial Fenêtres stands out for its good processibility,
filling ability and its highyield.
Spécial Fenêtres is silky shining, resistant against UV
radiation, high temperatures and the usual cleaning agents.

What is meant by non-true, limited-true
and true
  Non-true are such compo-
nents whose measurement
changes are not limited, as
e.g. overlapping boarding
  Limited true are wood or
wood material with allowed
measurement changes in a
limited range as boardings
with tongue and groove, half
timbering, down sides of roofs
or exterior gates.
  True are components where
measurements changes are
only allowed in a limited range. They have to keep
their measurements as e.g.
doors, gates and windows.


Perfect Protection
for old and new
windows, doors and gates for the inside
and the outside area.

Especially windows with their true woods have to face
extremest weather conditions of all kind, if in the mountains,
at the sea or in hot southern regions. Because of that the
correct structure of the paint is especially important to
increase the durability.

Painting of new windows or doors in the outside area:

- undercoat conifers with
Impregnation against fungus blue
First coat with Bio Impression
- Fill in fissures, knots or plugs with
La Potée du Le Tonkinois
Three coatings with Spécial Fenêtres

Old coatings must be removed before renovating.
The structure of the coating is the same as with new
wood ground.

Spécial Fenêtres can be painted, rolled on or sprayed.

Spécial Fenêtres has to be diluted by 10% Dulant
aromatic-free when spraying.
please sharpen
between each painting