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historic buildings
garden & furniture

Tradition that obliges - perfect for the
preservation of historic buildings and

Value Preserving Protection in
Harmony with Nature

  For ages castles and palaces have been preserved by
natural colours against weather conditions. The
application of natural oil containing mineral colours
were the reason that those building have been
preserved until today. Chemical colours could never
have offered the slightest protection to preserve the
fabric which we admire today when visiting our
cultural prossesion worldwide.
  Linseed oils have a tradition of hundreds of years as
protection for woods and metal. Le Tonkinois, an oil of
highest purity is pressed according to handicraft methods
for more than 100 years and is refined at more than 270° C.
The final product, with one part added pure China wood
oil, is an oil that cannot be surpassed by any other
chemical product. Le Tonkinois offers enduring
protection for wood and degreased metal. Possible health
risks of other comparable products which consist of
50 - 60% solvents are not known.
Le Tonkinois is free of aromatic, ethereal, chloral and
toxic solvents, as well as chemical UV-stabilizers and does
not develop any fumes. A plus for nature and your health-
especially in the inside areas.

Highly effective even under extreme
weather conditions
  Le Tonkinois is the perfect protection for any kind of
wood in the exterior as well as the interior and preserves
the natural warm character of the wood for a nearly
unlimited period of time even under extreme climatic
conditions. Wind and weather can destroy the natural
beauty of the wood. The treatment with Le Tonkinois
takes away the destroying power of weather influences.

Untreated surfaces impress by their beautiful grain that is
even reinforced by Le Tonkinois. Coated wooden surfaces
are protected by the natural UV-filter of the Chinese nut
oil against environmental influences for many years.


Down sides of roofs - wooden boardings - wooden
staircases - parapets - balcony floors - garden fences -
garden doors - garage doors - house doors - windows

Not suitable are: rustic fences and strongly cracked
woods or surfaces


To preserve wooden surfaces for a longer period
fissures, holes or knotholes have to be filled to prevent
the wood from penetraiting humidity (water) and soaking
and thus causing painting damages.


New and strongly soaking woods have to be
treated as follows:

- First coat with
Bio Impression
- Fissures and knotholes in the wood have to be filled with
transparent filler
La Potée du Le Tonkinois
- Three coats with Le Tonkinois
in colour or transparent..
- Only
one coat per day and generally thin-coated
- If necessary Le Tonkinois can be diluted with the
aromatic free dilution
- Dry after approx. 2-3 hours according to weather cond.
- Can be painted over after 24 hours

please sharpen
between each painting